Fall allergies

Lozito Medical Associates is committed to your health and quality of life, by providing the highest quality healthcare within our office. We are proud to have expanded our services to better serve you, by offering in-office, personalized allergy care plan options to address your allergy concerns.

We are all familiar with the typical allergy symptoms; but did you know that allergies can also be the culprit behind fatigue, trouble focusing, depression, slowed thinking, ear infections, and dark circles/puffiness under the eyes? Allergy symptoms often translate to missed days of school and work.

Our in-office allergy center provides the gold standard of allergy care to each unique allergy sufferer. A personalized treatment plan is developed to fit into your busy life while providing you with efficient and comfortable treatment.

Allergy Immunotherapy Benefits:

  • Enjoy life without the daily dependence on over-the-counter allergy medicine
  • The only disease modifying treatment for allergies
  • Long-term results
  • Decreases development of allergic asthma and the severity of existing allergic asthma

85% of people treated with Immunotherapy for Allergic Rhinitis achieve symptom relief within the first year. Get started now so that you are ready when springtime allergies comes around!

Please call us at 973-423-4770 and schedule an appointment to discuss the benefits of allergy testing and personalized treatment, today!