COGNISION® is a test that monitors how well your brain is performing. With this simple test, your doctor can measure various brain processes such as memory, attention, and processing speed.

These results will provide clinically valuable insights into cognitive problems you may be experiencing.

The results of the test may help your doctor determine what can be done to help you. The test can also be used to track your condition over time.


This simple assessment is performed in your doctor’s office and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

You’ll be comfortably seated while the technician fits the elastic harness to your head. Small gel pods will be used to help the device accurately record brain activity. Earphones will be worn while sounds are played to record your brain’s response.

To get the best results possible, your doctor may require that you skip certain medications or refrain from having coffee or other stimulants before the test.


At the end of the test, your doctor will receive a full report that quantifies your brain performance.

If the results are within the normal range for someone of your age, your doctor will let you know and you can go home knowing everything is fine.  If some of the measures are outside the normal range, your doctor may prescribe medications and/or perform additional tests to help better understand your condition.

Either way, both you and your doctor will have more certainty about your future treatment plans.


COGNISION® is an exciting breakthrough in the assessment of complex neurological disorders. It is like a stethoscope for your brain which allows your doctor to assess your brain function.

Coupled with your doctor’s training on how to read and interpret the test results, COGNISION® tests can identify abnormal brain processing associated with many types of disorders.

If you or a loved one are having problems with attention, memory, or thinking clearly, and want more information about COGNISION® Neuro Assessments Testing, watch the video below and call our office at 973-423-4770. We will be happy to assist you!